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Still and Still Moving

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Baby's breath We must be still and still moving- T.S. Eliot, Four Quartets

Yesterday marked the beginning of my training in the store's floral department, which was a nice,fragrant break from my usual cashier job. Training was simple enough. Clip, trim, turn and position flowers. Tie a bow around the bouquet, price and then place for sale. The repetition allowed my mind to wander. Still and Still Moving. The idea that we should remain present while actively moving forward in life.

The florist informs me she read a recent article written somewhere about my generation. Children live with their parents longer than they used to, the job market is scarier than ever, and people never want to make up their minds and settle down these days. This is why three of her four children moved back home to save money and "take some time" to "figure things out".

I am suddenly filled with gratitude for my own parents. I've found that doing what scares you makes you braver. Well within reason that is. I can avoid skydiving, large insects, and jeggings but I can't avoid growing up.

After completing a few arrangements, the florist seemed satisfied with my work and left me for a coffee break.

I began creating different variations of the dozen roses bouquet, and continued to think about "still and still moving"

I am still here. But I have just booked my first "real" food photography shoot. I am still living in a ugly apartment, but it is my ugly apartment. And everything in it is mine. I am applying for real jobs that I want, and feel confident that I will soon have one I love.
Still and Still moving.

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