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#HaveCake #WillEatItToo

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Your first "real" job (a job that follows your career path, gives vacation days and health benefits) is a milestone and a godsend in the life of a writer/photographer...This is what I tell myself everyday as I clock in for my current job as a cashier. Eight days into the new year and I've never felt more frustrated or uninspired in my life.All I know is my current approach to life is no longer working. A new plan of action is needed, but I don't even know where or how to begin again.

I have no apparent direction in my writings these days. My once ultra-organized binders and notebooks have spewed photographs and articles across the bedroom floor. Despite new freelance jobs, I feel more and more that I am just making pretty pictures without a real audience or message.

I'm feeling desperately ambitious these days, and the only release I seem to find is when I'm cooking and baking. I have limited access to editing equipment, so while my DSLR fills up and waits, my camera phone helps record my current creative processes. Instagram:LEABIAPHOTO

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