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Fell off the blog

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It has been over a month since i last posted to the blog. I now have hundreds of photographs waiting to be edited and uploaded and a stack of story ideas collecting dust right by my bedroom door. The death of my computer has certainly made life difficult.

For the last few years, I've been trying to convince myself that ideas and people haven't really changed, it's only the mediums and the mode of distribution that has evolved. Still, I can't help but feel slightly outdated.

During SXSW Interactive, I felt extremely out of my element. I am a twenty-something who does not have internet access via phone...nor do I own a functioning laptop. I don't understand Twitter, I don't use Facebook too often, and I don't watch YouTube videos in my spare time. I access the Internet at the library to check my email and view daily news, before I check out (real) books. In social and technological terms, I think this makes me a Senior Citizen.

Despite my less than stellar social media savvy, I talked to people visiting Austin from countries around the world and tried to improve my understanding of and the world, and how I fit into it. I talked to customers at work, asked questions at the Interactive Summit downtown, and basically attended any party that  advertised open bar.

A conversation from AMOA Jones Center Arthouse :

Aaron, a programmer from New Haven, CT said the SXSW conferences promoted a new analogy for technology as being  solid, liquid, and gas. The solid phones haven't changed much, only shrunk in size. The liquid makes up the screen and fluid motions of graphics and words. The communication cannot be seen but travels and quickly permeates communities like gas.

He also mentioned that he was currently developing an app that would read human facial cues and emotions, and that the next generation of phones would automatically track the owner's movements. The phones would record the amount of time and traffic between destinations, and could give people the best possible route, and recommend other places based on those records.

"It makes me nervous, because people won't have any control over the tracking, but at the same time it will be really cool."

I thought the free drinks were cool, but the idea of phones automatically tracking people especially without their knowledge gave me the creeps.

I'm not really sure how to become more enthusiastic about technology. I write everyday but there is a disconnect between writing and blogging for me. I love photography but there never seem to be enough hours for scanning, editing, uploading, or printing photographs. I understand that my work doesn't have much relevance if it's not online, but for some reason I'm still operating in Analog mode. Hopefully if I keep pushing myself to connect more with people online it won't be as difficult or seem as unnatural.